Windows 10 Game Bar gets FPS counter for your PC games

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Windows 10 Game bar is Microsoft’s appreciation for Windows PC gamers. They see it as their own platform, therefore we have more integration in between Xbox brand and Windows 10. This is great news for gamers.

FPS counter is a useful feature that PC gamers used 3rd party software for, for decades. Gaming on PC is becoming more friendly as it is considered to be the premium way of playing video games where every configuration is unlocked and available to be updated. Therefore FPS counter is needed to monitor the performance levels.

If I were Microsoft, I would probably buy Valve and their Steam PC game store instead of using Microsoft Store to sell games. MS Store is just not a place where where gamers would happily go over and hang out, it’s just a store, it does not have any kind of other gaming community features. These features have alwayss been on Xbox and now in Xbox App for Windows 10 PC.

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