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Sony Playstation 5 is going to be on sale holiday 2020

Sony Playstation 5 is the long awaited next generation of gaming console. It is ready to compete with the next gen Xbox (named Xbox Series X). You should get ready to pick up your new PS5 holiday 2020. The price of the console is still unknown.

The power of next generation hardware

You might be wondering what is the next generation of gaming about. It’s about fast storage and more computing power. Game developers will be able to create unlimited number of triangles that makeup 3D game models, well as using the advanced lighting technique – ray tracing. These new components are part of Epic Games’ new version of Unreal Engine (UE5).

Take a look at the video showcasing the Unreal Engine 5 running on PS5 hardware below.

The demo really looks stunning. The Unreal Engine 5 is going to be available to developers – complete with the access to C++ source code.

Playstation 5 Design

PS5 looks cool. It looks futuristic, which was the whole design idea, it seems. I won’t show any here, but if you google ps5 memes, you can find some very funny images. Some people say it reminds them of their wifi router.

To me it does look nice, I’m just against the pointy ears on top, because they serve no purpose, and they don’t look that great. But I’m not complaining too much.

Curves of the controller (DualSense) do remind of the Xbox controller, as most people do prefer the Xbox controller instead of the PS4 controller. It just fits better in had, and now Sony is admitting defeat when it comes to controller design.

Backward Compatibility

PS5 Will be backward compatible with the best selling 100 PS4 games. So I wouldn’t advise you get rid of your PS4 just yet. I’m keeping my PS4 Pro no matter what.

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