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PC Classic – 80s and 90s DOS Games Are Coming Back

Along with all other classic editions of consoles, PC Classic is about to be released. This miniature PC has an SD slot which can be used to accept new games. That is right, this miniature PC already has more options than all other classic versions of consoles combined. It will be available in a smoked white color, but I do believe there are a couple of other colors planned as well.

The final list of games (mostly from DOS era during the 80s and 90s. If you wish to be notified whenever this console becomes available and be the first to know the final game lineup, you may want to join the mailing list. The number of games on the PC Classic will be at least 30. And hopefully we can make use of the SD slot to insert more games or purchase new game packs.

I have to say this is a great idea indeed. PC has the largest number of exclusive games, and some of them will come back to life this way. This is especially interesting to me, a person who skipped the 80s gaming completely. Turns out I was just born at that time and had other things to do. I started playing PC games around the time the first Half-Life game was a big deal.

Maybe they could’ve added a small screen attached to the console already and also add some batteries. If this system was portable, it would be much more useful to take out in the wild and let everyone else admire your miniature PC. Maybe this is something that can be done for the PC Classic 2.

Technology is advancing fast, so keeping these old games alive becomes a bit harder. Old computers are shooting up in price because there are few of them left in working condition.

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