Death Stranding is coming to PC in 2020

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Death Stranding is a new game by Kojima Productions. It is available for Sony playstation 4 and is coming out on PC in 2020. I was surprised to find this out, I thought that Kojima was Sony’s partner and that DS was going to be a PS4 exclusive. However, the game turned out to be one expensive experiment so PC version has to come in to help pay the bills.

Death Stranding got some mixed reviews

The game is well crafted. It’s director clearly has a long history of game design business, however the big budget walking simulator is a risky venture for investors. So here we go, it will come to PC.

The game contains some product placements too, which I’m fine with, Kojima needs a lot to keep things going and to also appeal to the audience who uses those products, so maybe they will fill more attached to the game in a way.

The game will be available on Epic Games store and Steam in 2020.

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