Apple is slashing the production of iPhones

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Apple has cut the production of the iPhone XR by 25% earlier. And now the production of iPhone XS and XS Max has been reduced. Chinese companies have layed off some workers as a result of this. On the other hand, the Apple stock has fallen from $230 to $180ish. These events are not necessarily connected, but the fact is that people are not upgrading their iPhones.

There are a few reasons for this: most people think there is not a real reason to upgrade one or two year old iPhones as they are still performing fast and reliable. There isn’t much room to expand to new markets anymore, so things are slowing down. I do believe that Apple’s idea is not to produce phones for the whole world, but to produce the best phones people can buy. They want a premium product that stands for quality and not quantity.

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I wonder what would Steve Jobs say to today’s Apple product lineup. It is true that Tim Cook has kept people interested in Apple products, people keep buying them. There is some growth and the products are of high quality. I wish Apple would listen to consumers a bit more when it comes to their operating systems. I know a few people who still have the same issues since a few versions ago (Mac OS).

Some people believe there just isn’t enough innovation with the latest lineup of iPhones. If you want to spot the difference in the camera, for example, you have to take the exact same photo and look for differences really hard. Most people won’t do that.

On the other hand, new iPads look really good. They have new abilities and can serve as a great substitute for laptops in some cases (if you use them with a keyboard).

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